Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Excited about 2015 and Markus Rothkranz' new UnCook Book!

I am excited! Yep, 2015 is going to be awesome! It's going to be one of the  best years ever. One of my New Years resolution is to start blogging again. I have so much to be excited about and just can't wait until New Year's to start sharing so why wait, I'll just start now.I am so excited about feeling better on Dr. Robert Morse's program, with focus on clean diet, detox and herbs. I'm working with a coach now and plan to get my health back to a point where I can do all the stuff I want to do. Back when I was not well we went to the Grand Canyon. We said we'd go back when I am better. So that's on top of our list. I'm so excited by the Vegan lifestyle and how alive the living food makes me feel.  I'm following several of the coolest raw vegans on facebook and YouTube. I'm 100% vegan and about 75% raw and it's so awesome!

And I'm totally excited that today was the release of Markus Rothkranzs' new totally awesome raw Vegan UnCook book!  "Love on a Plate: Gourmet UnCookbook" - Its not only healthy and simple recipes but also a work of art. I'm actually so excited and love it all so much I signed up as an affiliate. So if you all check it out and maybe order I'll get some credit too! Markus Rothkranz has many other awesome helpful books and ebooks. Check them out.  

Click the banner link below, then Categories, then Books, then UnCook Book.

I'll change this banner when I find the new one for the new book.

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Lyme Story - from the beginning.

This is a compilation of my recent "Lyme Story" and the past "My Lyme Diary", transferred from my old MySpace. - History - back to 1997
2014 - Wow. I haven't updated in awhile! I am excited about feeling better and will update soon.

 2013 - Doing better but not there yet.

 2012 - Doing better but not there yet. 

For "The REST of the STORY" - Click the Read MORE link below.