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My Lyme Story - from the beginning.

This is a compilation of my recent "Lyme Story" and the past "My Lyme Diary", transferred from my old MySpace. - History - back to 1997
2014 - Wow. I haven't updated in awhile! I am excited about feeling better and will update soon.

 2013 - Doing better but not there yet.

 2012 - Doing better but not there yet. 

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History - back to 1997
(Most of this is copied from my old MySpace blog).

I transferred because it's important, like a diary, so I have kept it. Recently I had to change the link so I had to copy and paste it all again into a new post, so it moved it to the top of my posts. I will fix it all one of these days.

March - 2011
I am finally updating on my Lyme Journey. After a long hard journey, a lot of research, struggle, perseverance, and prayer I can say I almost have my life back..

2011 - I have been doing the Olive Leaf Program since last March (2010). Now after one year I've built up gradually to the max dose of 3,000mg. I have stayed at that max dose for 2 months and am now slowly cutting down. Most of my symptoms are gone, other than hip pain and a monthly light herx. I'll continue to cut down on the Olive leaf gradually while I'm adding MSM, and more Colloidal silver. My focus will be on oil pulling, zapping, skin brushing and rebounding for lymphatic drainage. I've also been studying brain health and working on positive healing thoughts. I am also really getting into my art studies and the garden.

June 2010 - My lyme program is going good. I'm feeling so much better. I had herx today but was still able to function. I'm doing Olive leaf extract, silver and x2o. My friend beat the lyme with silver and x2o so I'm doing that and then the olive program, supposed to slowly build up to 3,000 mg. I'm at 600mg so far. When I stepped up from 250mg to 500mg I had the worst die off. I thought my head was going to explode. So I'm not in a hurry to step up again. It's not a race.

I'm just so amazed at how much better I feel.
We painted mom's garage and door and trim and cleaned and painted part of our shed. I work out in the garden everyday. We did yard sale up at the corner (in the heat). We cleaned mom's garage and cemented the 4" wide crack in the floor. We arranged and organized two small rooms. Cleaned closets. Remodeled some shelves. It's been a busy month. Oh, making myself tired remembering it all. And it's been so hot, around 100 most days.

June has been an interesting month. I have felt so much better. I have got so much done it’s amazing. My worst pain (in the side back) is better. Everything else feels better. We painted the whole garage and trim, a door and all the trim, part of the shed, a lot of work indoors, etc.
I had a couple dizzy days and then a weird pain in my face. It’s something new. I think it's 'a lyme thing because I read other lymies posting the same thing. But because I have a orbital bone implant it was freaky, painful and causing me to see double for a couple weeks. It’s just now starting to get better. And I figure it’s almost time for the next herx which usually happens at the full moon time. I am expecting to feel even better after this.

I increased my olive leaf and started some new stuff so I'm not feeling well today so I use home made foot detox pads, mix it up, spread on paper towel, then on my feet, wrap it all up in plastic grocery bag. Then I put on my monkey footsies to try to keep from getting charcoal all over. Olive Leaf is a proven antimicrobial, a very powerful and effective anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic. The bible refers to it as "the tree of life", and for good reason.

I started a new lyme program = olive leaf, charcoal (homemade detox foot pads), triphala, milk thistle, enzymes, lecithin, bee pollen and colloidal silver AND I'm again studying the art of “lymphasizng”. BACK ON THE REBOUNDER !!!! And I know my pups are helping in my healing.

The pups and I had a better day, brushing and even a bath. I wish I felt like brushing my own hair as much as I love brushing them. I did feel better but still in pain. Tomorrow I'm starting back on a lyme treatment program. I've had such pain for a week, all I can do is take care of my Toy and Trinket. They are such a joy, motivating me to walk (even if it's only a little), so patient while I fix their meals, and brushing them is so very relaxing. They are really loving it now.

Lyme disease may be carried and transmitted by fleas, mosquitoes, and mites, human to human transfer, dairy cattle and other food animals can be infected. A quarter of the U.S.population may be affected.
90 percent of the population could be carrying the Lyme spirochete and Lyme is a factor in over 50 percent of chronic illnesses. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Summer 2010 - I'm tired and sore tonight, amazed how much I've done lately. I've had a pain by my ear, off and on for a couple years and now. I'm a little concerned. My head is feeling so weird and I'm dizzy. I'm just wondering if this is normal or another Lyme symptom. This is weird. I think it is part of the lyme because I had a herx feeling with the nausea and was kinda going out of it. This morning was better but I fell several times.
I am feeling much better. That was scary, dizzy and nausea and everything spinning for 2 days. I even kept falling. Maybe it was a lyme herx. It's that time but it was just not the usual. Anyway, glad it's over.

Sept 3, 2009 -Current mood:  determined

I'm preparing, testing soon for my yoga certification. With that and my LMP, I have the prerequisites for training in Therapeutic Yoga, customized techniques based on specific needs, treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit. I'm also focusing on Christian Yoga, to be still, to live and move and have my being in Him, (the training includes a retreat I really really want to do).

Feb 22, 2009 -
Well, It was over 10 years ago that I became health challenged. been thru a lot since then (pain, therapies, feelings, frustrations, etc. etc.). There was a point when I felt the life going. I had a grand baby on the way so I prayed and asked God to let me live to see it. Then another one, then another one, they have given me a reason to live. I missed so many birthday parties and get togethers and all and am trying to do everything right to improve my health and be here for them all more. They are the joy of my life.

Fishing Therapy - I'm having a great summer. Fly fishing is totally awesome! It's therapy (body, mind and spirit).

July 19, 2008 - I quite the intense therapy so I could enjoy the summer, going fly fishing most days. I'm so into the fly fishing, it's like an art, or dance, or like therapy, so relaxing(out there in the middle of the river in the waves) and yet a workout at the same time, and so fascinating, I've fallen in love with fishing all over again. Here's one of my first rainbows, dreaming of a steelhead. I'm also tying the flys.

May 3, 2008 I'm improved and getting to spend more time with the kids.I just had a sleep-over with Sam and Jo.We did all kinds of fun stuff, even worked in the garden. I gave them the seeds and let 'em go. It's going to be a kalideoscope of vegi's. I so love spending time with them. I have slacked (after 2 years) on my lyme treatment, so now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I want to continue with the QXCI and salt/c treatment. I'll blog my journey, whatever I do. My new thing is creating walking/jogging mixes for mp3.I look forward to walking over to Ami's.


2006 - My first Lyme diagnosis and treatment. I did a lot of research and decided to do the LymeStrategies Protocol, Sea Salt/Vit C Treatment. Starting summer of 2006 I did that for two years and finally had to quit. I was going thru "the change" and it was just all to intense.  It was so very hard and sometimes I didn't think I was going to make it. 

2002 - Diagnosed with Celiac Disease after bloodwork and the endoscopy and biopsy confirmed it.
I first got sick in 1997. It started with pain in sides and sciatic nerves and hips, lumps on my head, etc. I went to doc several times and they said it was Shingles, then Fibromylgia.


  1. This caught my attention because some good friends of ours have 2 sons who have lyme disease. So seeing your journey is something that I will pass along to them. However I would suggest on this post that you add a little introduction paragraph. When I first read the post it took me a few minutes to actually figure out what you had written. Now that I know that it's a compilation of your posts as you went through the process, it makes much more sense.

    Quick question: Have you been able to completely move past the lyme? Do you still have symptoms?

  2. Sorry this post was confusing. It was one of the very first posts when I started my blog and then transferred from myspace. It's a really old post but still had some good info, like a diary. Recently I had to change the link so I had to copy and paste it all again into a new post, so it moved it to the top of my posts. I will redo it soon.
    In answer to your question....I can't say I've completely moved past it. I can say I do have most of my life back. I still have a couple hard days a month, but now my hard days are better than my best day were 10 years ago.


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