Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Vegan

Today’s blog Challenge is to voice an opinion on something related to my blog. I've had a couple strong opinions on my mind lately and I’d like to share one on why I'm choosing to be vegan and why I share this type lifestyle. Knowing the facts and being more aware of the truth helps us make more conscious decisions. Healthier choices would affect not only us (body, mind and spirit) but also the environment.
Meat distresses the body in many ways. It has an acidic ph (disease causing), is inflammatory and is harder to digest than a plant based diet. Carnivorous diets lack a level of compassion. And then eating meat affects the spirit by producing a lower vibration. Animal food production involves so much and is costly: land, grains, food, water, drugs, transportation, etc. It is hard on the environment and also cruel and very sad for the animals. Plant foods have a higher frequency.

My opinion is that with all that it takes to grow animals for food it could be better used to feed the hungry. Why should some eat steak while so many are starving? This is why I'm choosing to be vegan. 

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  1. As long as today is opinion day. I feel that people can decide if they want to eat meat or not. In my opinion, I only eat grass feed animals, but I choose to eat more foods that are not meat. We only eat meat a few times a week. It makes me sick when animals ie. chicken and other animals are not allowed to see the light of day. My kids love animals and they play with them everyday.
    It is not healthy to drug people for every little thing and to stay inside all the time. Why would it be healthy for animals. Thanks.

  2. Really interesting post Jan, I am at the other end of the scale on this subject, as I grow meat for my family (ie not commercially). I spent 8 years as a vegetarian, but when I decided to eat it again, I wanted to take full responsibility for the life (and death) of my food.
    Love your blog, Janie x

  3. YES, I agree. Growing your own and free range is so much better than the mass produced unnatural. We only ate free range and natural for years before i made my decision to transition. This is just my decision. I don't judge anyone. The only wrong would be if God speaks to you personally and you not listen.

  4. This is the best post. I would like to share this on my page! Jan, it's true ~ our greatest passion is what we are meant to write about and share. It is easy to see that being of "Vegan" lifestyle choice has deep purpose for you...and this choice is shared with many ~ and many who are striving to change their health choices ~ on the slide to improve how they feel ~ so this is not only informative information ~ but supportive and encouraging to the reader. The video commentary is very helpful to support your "opinion" thank you Jan.

  5. I always thought I could never be vegan until I learned how to prepare and cook vegetables without destroying their nutrients. I'm not there yet but moving in that direction. I may never reach vegan level but we have drastically cut down on meat.

    That's a very good thing.


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