Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy 2012 ~

It's been awhile since I've blogged so I'm reviewing last year and what I'm planning for this year.
2011 - It was productive, seeing health improvement, still alot of pain. After reading studies on the Lyme and mercury connection, I had my teeth out and got dentures in Nov. That was sure an experience.

2012 - I'm not TRYING to be healthy anymore, I'm just focusing on BEING healthy, fitness of body, mind and spirit, kicking Lyme and co infections, a heavy metal detox,  juicing and smoothies, cleansing, detox, positive thinking and friends, art therapy, prayer, meditation, and more quality time with my Higher Power.

   Here is my 2012 Plan  Program....  
 My main supplements will be:
Vita/Min and H2o2
olive leaf and oregano oil
coconut oil and hemp oil
andrographis and chaga
essential oils
and considering doing the Sea Salt/Vit C program again.
My cleansing and detox will include:
dry brushing and oil pulling
epsom salt baths
Alka Seltzer Gold
citrus pectin
zeolite, clay and diatamasous earth 
pinella and burbur extracts
lots of greens
and occasional coffee enemas.

My physical program will be:
zapping and grounding,
exercise, sweating and lymphatic work
walking, rebounding, hiking, gardening, yoga, etc.
and working up to biking.

My Spiritual program goals will include:
meditation and prayer
quality time with my Higher Power
celebrating,  gratefulness
work with my Creative Life Coach -L of A
art and music therapy

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  1. Hey there, it's good to see you blogging again!! Best wishes with the detox.


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