Friday, March 18, 2011

Field Trip

Build a Better Blog Challenge - Field Trip -
Observation exercises -Getting out and about for inspiration! Go wandering around shopping square with no agenda, just observe - in observation mode find a spot to sit down with a coffee and go over what you’ve noticed.
My observations .......
We live by a smaller touristy town and there is no mall. There is a square down by the courthouse that I've wanted to go check out since we moved here. This weekend is Granbury's 100th birthday so a big party is planned this weekend and it kind of got started today. So, it was busy. The tourists seemed like they were mostly looking, some buying souvenirs. To attract people's attention the retailers were getting stuff out there, lots of stuff, almost seemed cluttered. The colors and design techniques that seem to be "in" were camo and paisleys.
One thing that stuck in my mind of a retailer doing something well was a friendly relaxed attitude of an art dealer. This shop had such interesting art. There were some cool resin art pieces that looked like someone emptied their junk drawer in a pile and poured glitter and plastic on it. They were so amazing.
One shop had all kinds of things with catchy sayings and one stuck with me is:
"What makes a person is how they handle PLAN B". lol


  1. Jan! What a fun adventure! When i took my interior alignment Feng Shui program, we had to go into stores in NYC and assess the Energy of the store ~ it was amazing looking at a store!!! I don't go into them without this knowledge now and it sounds like the Art dealer's could use a consultation!! Luv your writings!!

  2. Nice site! Very creative!...Daniel

  3. Gotta love paisleys, lol!! your field sounds like it was lots of fun. I hope to get to go on mine this week if there is some sun.


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