Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jan - About Me

I'm Cert. Fitness/Nutrition Counselor, a student, entrepreneur, holistically overcoming chronic Lyme Disease, sharing Lyme awareness and prevention information. 

- I was a licensed massage therapist when a physical challenge totally changed my life. After 9 years of mis-diagnosis, I could hardly walk at one point. Now after another 8 years of treatment for Lyme (and co),  I now have part of my life back. And I do have a new perspective. Everyday I look at my priorities, pray to my HIGHER POWER, go do the best I can and take time to smell the flowers. I'm
a mom (of 4), grandma (14), wife, friend, lover, entrepreneur, artist and designer.

I am especially passionate about:
Spreading Lyme awareness and prevention education. I'm personally beating it (holistically).

Sprouting, micro-greens, wheat grass and juicing, organic gardening, and vegan lifestyle. I love yoga and hooping, gardening and fly fishing, especially love watercolor, graphic design and the fiber arts (knit and crochet).

A big part of my life and recovery has been my faith in a loving, healing God, my support (family and friends), my arts and crafts, gardening and my 2 awesome Shih Tzu,
'Toy Joy' and 'Zen Zhen Trinket'.  

I'm kind of new to blogging, and still under construction so Please feel free to leave comments and ideas.

Contact me at
Phone 682-936-2160

A Student

It is my passion, my obsession, my infatuation, my enthusiasm, my zeal and craze.
It’s my obsession, fascination, infatuation, passion and excitement.
It is my hobby, pastime, pursuit, amusement, distraction, entertainment, my quest, and my mission,
It is my career, my calling, my occupation, my profession and my livelihood.
I am a LEARNER, always a STUDENT.